Monday, August 23, 2010

Gloria proudly holding the newest Addition to the Gluth family: Graeme Stewart Gluth!! YES...he is as cute as he looks!!!

Grandpa Gluth with Gloria, Braden, and Christian! Gearing up to go see the Astros Vs. Reds!!

Me and my Sis-in-law Susy at the BYU Dino Museum!!! Davis was in heaven there :)

We got to go to the Logan temple together, and perform family sealings! Way to do all that family history Grandma Cranney!!

I was blessed to spend a little time with one of my super star mission companions, Hilliary Hibbard Turley (in black) and Dani Wagoner (in blue) who we got to teach and see get baptized in Seattle!!! Love you gals!

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