Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our warm fuzzy family togetherness pix!

We love going to the beach! This is Stewart Beach in Galveston, TX..D&D are taking a little walk!
Adorable little Davis
Danny and Kristen
Celebrating my 29th Birthday in Dec...holding on to those 20's one more year!
Davis and Gloria love dancing together
Davis loves to sit on Gloria's lap with a book...and she loves to read to him! This is one of those "Happy Mommy moments!"
Me Talking to Erin on the phone telling her that I just cut my hair...I finally got the courage :)
Chopped's all gone...whacked it...snip snip snip...a little change never hurt anyone! I actually LOVE the change!
Gloria is celebrating with cousin Amy! Thanks Grandma for all of the fun memories!
This is a familiar seen when we celebrate family birthdays or holidays! "The cousins" have a ball together....where would we be without family?

Life is sunny with these two!

Who Couldn't help but love these two adorable kiddos! One of the few pix of me with G and D, I usually the one snapping all the shots! Thanks Dad

Southern Belle Gloria!

The Blue Bonnets were in full bloom here about a month ago! I love taking the kids pictures in's our little southern belle Gloria! She even has a little Texas twang, not kidding!

Munch, Munch, Munch....and Munch!

Davis LOVES to munch on his snacks right from the floor! I think these are peanuts...he also likes to throw his popcorn on the floor before munching it up! You'd think this would give me more motivation to keep my floors clean!

My Twinster and best SISTA Erin!

We are such "gligglers" we like to see if we can take a pic without showing our teeth...that just makes our itch for laughing even worse!

Here's after we gave up....WHY can't they live closer? We talk on the phone about 2-3 per day as it is! My Dad calls it a sickness :)

MBA Congratulatory Dinner for Danny...Wha-hoo!

After Danny graduated with his MPA from Texas A&M, he decided to take the plunge and go for an MBA as well! Danny graduated in December. Way to go smarty pants!

The two "D's" Chill'in at the pool

Danny and Davis chill'in by the pool....literally chill'in for Davis! He looks a little chili, poor kid's lips are purple. The cold water didn't seem to keep him from having a great time!

This Girl Lives A Charmed Life!

Every year my family "Gluth family" tries to get together for a reunion....this year we hit San Antonio, TX! Here's Gloria taking a little cotton candy break at La Cantera Resort!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The whole "Gluth Gang" as Sea World in San Antonio!