Monday, August 23, 2010

Gloria is attending Colin Powell Elementary! Powell the Panther was at school to greet everyone on the first day...Go Panthers!

Gloria's first day of Kindergarten was today! Danny came out to send her off...I drove her :) She was sooo excited that it took her a couple hours to fall asleep! This morning she woke me up at 5:15 am and asked if it was time for school yet! Just look at that new backpack...I even sewed the butterfly patches on myself...I guess I was excited too :)

The other day, I was in my room when I heard the familiar "clicking" of the heels coming down the hall. Gloria said, "here comes the princess!" I was excited to see what outfit she had put my surprise it was little Davis!!! Big sister dressed him up like Sleeping Beauty. Gloria said, "he likes it mom" Then Davis replied, "Yeah, I like it!" I was smiling all day...he loved it! Just look at that smile!

Davis blowing out his birthday candles at our family birthday party! (celebrating all of the Aug and Sept. birthdays). Happy 3rd birthday Bubba :)

Happy 34th birthday to Danny! Davis and Gloria helping him blow out all of those candles! I made this ice cream sandwich cake with strawberry ice cream...yummy!
We loved the circus this summer....third row seats! These elephants were my favorite...amazing!

I got to head out to the Gulf and spend a day fishing on the boat with my Dad and brother, Michael! It's always good not to come back empty handed....18 specks!! Fun Times :) Davis couldn't get enough...I think he wanted to keep it as a pet!
Grandma and Grandpa Gluth...all smiles at the circus!

Me and my twin sister, Erin, at Splash Town with our studly boys: Davis and Ryan!

Davis and Dad taking a spin on the tube....another Grandma's Camp adventure on the boat! Thanks Grandpa :)
Gloria proudly holding the newest Addition to the Gluth family: Graeme Stewart Gluth!! YES...he is as cute as he looks!!!

Grandpa Gluth with Gloria, Braden, and Christian! Gearing up to go see the Astros Vs. Reds!!

Me and my Sis-in-law Susy at the BYU Dino Museum!!! Davis was in heaven there :)

We got to go to the Logan temple together, and perform family sealings! Way to do all that family history Grandma Cranney!!

I was blessed to spend a little time with one of my super star mission companions, Hilliary Hibbard Turley (in black) and Dani Wagoner (in blue) who we got to teach and see get baptized in Seattle!!! Love you gals!
Morning P.J's for cousins at Grandma's Camp in Houston, TX! (Braden-9, Cameron-9, Gloria-5, Davis-2, and Ryan-2) What a fun Bunch

Me and Danny watching the kiddos burn fireworks on July 4th!

The Grandma's Camp gang at Moody Gardens!! Fun times at the I-Max, Aquarium, and Palm Beach! Yummy lunch too! This may look like a walk in the park, but keeping up with the bunch was an adventure!

Fireworks Time at Grandma Cranney's house in Provo Utah! Had "a blast" with all the cousins!

On our drive from Provo to Houston, we got to stop and have more cousin fun in New Mexico! Our monkeys are Gloria, Preston (7), and Davis!
Everyone knows that Uncle Kendall is the favorite!! Movie and popcorn time in Logan Utah at Sherwood Hills Resort!

The one and only "Ship Rock" Haven't been? You're not mis
sing much in this part of New Mexico.....WARNING....Do not stop at the McDonald's there! It's for your own good, trust me!

Gloria and Davis going country with Uncle Alan on the John Deere! Thanks Alan for the spin...yee haw!

Gloria participated in the production of, "Annie." She was one of the orphans of course! They learned all the songs, lines...etc It was so cute, and they preformed two performances at a local Jr. High School in our community!

Gloria was always in ready position as soon as she took the block! Swimmers take your mark...
Breaking in their new lawn chairs for the swim meets!

Davis spent countless hours cheering on his big sis during all the practices and the meets! "Go Ra Ra...Go Wabes!"

GO Go Go!! Gloria did awesome for her first season, and even qualified for the Red, White, and Blue in backstroke! What a game face eh?

Go WAVES!! This year Gloria participated in swim team, and we loved it! This is her and her best swim pal, Vivian!

Grandpa was cheering on Gloria at the big graduation ceremony!! Gloria, you're our Super Star!

In May Danny and I were the proud parents of a transitions Graduate from Community Christian School! Gloria is advancing from the frogs class to Colin Powell Elementary in Aug!

Happy Mother's Day! I'm glad I was able to spend Mother's Day with my amazing Mom!!!

Being a Mother is Awesome....Davis, you make me Happy!

Our Exciting news for 2010 is that we are expecting baby #3! I'm about 5 mo. pregnant in this picture. Take a good look...a pregnant picture of me is a rare find!! It's a GIRL!