Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A whole year of Cranney Action! 9/2010-5/2011

These kids make me so happy! Thanks for filling my life with JOY!

Leah...you're toooo cute!

Leah is Laughing at Gloria and Davis!

A view right off the walking path...I just love the trees here!

Sunday afternoon stroll through this State Park down the street! It was such perfect weather too...so nice!

Sunday afternoon with Daddy-O! Dad time is so much fun!
Leah loves to observe her crazy family from her Bumbo Seat! She gives us plenty of those smiles!! We love it..

Bee Bee has been my cat since I was a freshman in high school, and she's still here!! We love you Bee Bee!!!!

Grandma and Davis at the swim meet!

Gloria happily smiling in her tutu....funny thing is, I wore that tutu when I was six!

warming up after a swim in the chilly water! I guess...it's a guy thing!
Gloria just finished spring swim team! It was a great season...Y'all did great girls!

Me with my mom...and Gloria and Davis on Mother's Day! Being a mom is AWESOME!
Gloria and Elizabeth in front of our beautiful Mother's Day table at Grandma's house....thanks for always making everything so special mom!

Gloria, Davis, and Leah....thanks for those smiles!

What an angel!

The Easter bunny did make it to our house this year! The baskets had some silly string in them. They went right outside and had a silly string fight...their was silly string on my car for about three weeks!
Crawfish time!

Kristen, Leah, and Davis- May 2011

Yummy...that's how it's done! This is a tradition we have every spring!
Crawfish boil with cousins! (Gloria, Davis, and Amy)

Leah's first time eating oatmeal cereal...getting the hang of it!

Me and Danny at the Houston, TX temple! What a pretty day :)

Davis is so proud, and were too! Great season...

Davis' first season of three-yr old soccer! Go Dynamos!

This was how it looked after several hours of hard work! Thanks to my parents (my dad's chainsaw) Danny and me...and the kids we got the job done!

sent in the clean up crew! It was a lot of hard work!

Overgrown, but we FOUND them...yippy!

This is our family's plot in a VERY old cemetery in Port Sullivan, TX! Actually Port Sullivan Doesn't exist anymore! My g-g-g-grandma along with several other relatives are found here! It needs a lot of cleaning up!

I've done lots of family history research the last couple of years! My mom and I went on a cemetery tour of our ancestors...so cool! This is us next to my g-grand dad's grave site!
Just love this pic..."Big D and Little D" with their matching shirts!

Carving the Bird!

Grandpa and Leah having a little snooze!

Cousin time over Thanksgiving! See Gloria with all those boys? Before Leah arrived it was 10 boys and 1 girl!
Over Thanksgiving break we heated the pool and the family took a dip! See the steam...it was a cold night!
The knight saves the princess!

Thanksgiving with the Gluth Fam...this is all of us!

Painting nativity sets...a gift from Grandma Cranney! Fun times

I love this picture of my little boy with his trains!

Halloween (Buzz, a fairy, and a biker) Look'in great...I was a pregnant woman in the kitchen bare foot...literally...ha ha!

Our new house has a pool in the back yard, and the kids go swimming almost everyday!!! It's been a blast

3 weeks old and in a pretty white dress already!

Leah Marie on her blessing day!

Danny and me down by the waterway here in The Woodlands around Christmas time! Everything was so beautiful with lights!

Now, couldn't the two make perfect Sesame Street Kids...with making those letters?

Danny with his mom, Diana! We love you Grandma Cranney....come back soon!

Leah loves her swing!!! This little doggy shirt was so cute...

"Daddy, I like you"

Grandma Cranney feeding Leah her bottle! The nicest woman in the world is my Mother-in-law....NOT kidding!
Davis coloring in his Dino coloring book holding his T-Rex! I thought that was so cute! Davis was Dino CRAZY for a long time!

We Love DAD....you're the best! Danny really is a Mr. Incredible when it comes to being a Super Dad!!

My two little biologists!

Gloria is NOT afraid of bugs at all! She finds them very interesting, and now Davis does too! Here's her latest find!

Davis and Gloria...they love to collect rolie polies in those red cups!

Leah's trademark smile, she always smiled with her tongue sticking out! Just want to kiss those chubby cheeks!

A Blue Bonnet really doesn't have red in it....I just added the red flower to add variety....isn't it pretty?

My favorite time of year...SPRING, when all the Texas Blue Bonnets bloom!

We always stop at this park in Plano, TX. on our drive home from Arkansas!
Those Glasses were Gloria's sidekick! Cute look Glory!

Now...doesn't that look fun? Kids being kids...don't grow up!!!

These two are really close! They had to have been friends in Heaven before coming to Earth!

Davis giving cousin Grady a kiss! Davis was free as a bird riding this John Deere! We all love Grady's red hair!!!

Spring Break in Fayetteville, AR. This is an afternoon at Chuck-E-Cheese! (Ryan, Grady, Gloria, Davis) Gloria loved wearing those glasses...they are just for fun :)

This Forest is located right behind our house! It is beautiful, and you feel like there's not a house around for miles! They love swinging over the creek! We've spotted lots of deer back here!

This rope swing is a blast! One of our favorite things about our new house!

Getting bigger! Leah Marie-4 mo.

We got to spend some time in Little Rock AR. with cousins....and it SNOWED! We don't get much of the white stuff around these parts! So glad to have a snow day!

I just loved this little outfit!

Leah LOVES attention! She is very social...if you talk to her, you'll get a smile!!! She loves Grandpa...

Leah with Grandma and Grandpa Gluth
Our family on Leah's blessing day! It was a wonderful day, and so glad that we were able to share it with lots of family!

Gloria and best buddy, cousin Preston on his baptism day!

Family tradition in my family to set off rockets together! Ever tried it? So much fun! The kids absolutely love chasing after them!

Davis with best bud...cousin Ryan (Erin's boy) These two just make you smile!
This is Christmas in Texas Y'all! Touring the "Festival of lights" at Moody Gardens in Galveston!
Danny and the kids had a fun day playing with cousins at the beach!
Gloria and Davis by the beach in Galveston, TX!
Davis Loves loves loves Leah! She sure is such a lucky girl to have such an awesome big brother! No matter what she can always put a smile on his face! Davis..you're so sweet!

Christmas morning...Davis and Gloria opening presents!

Our family on Christmas Eve....Davis was totally in melt down mode most of the evening b/c he really wanted to play with an antique train that was used as a decoration...poor kiddo

I'll take that gift!

Christmas Eve tradition to act out the nativity with family...so special! Leah was our baby Jesus this year!

Picture with Santa....Davis was okay standing next to Santa...still not ready to sit on his knee! I think it's funny that Davis' tie is out..ha ha

Gloria's school Christmas program for Kindergarten! She's on the top row giving a big smile! This program was so cute...great job! We have been thankful for such an awesome music teacher!

Davis' Christmas Program....it was adorable and all the kids did a great job! Can you find him? Right there in the middle!

Gloria is so happy to hold Little Sissy Leah for the first time!

Davis Garr....3 yrs old! I love those brown eyes like mom!

Love warm jam-eez when it's cold outside! Snuggle!!!!

So happy to Meet Grandma and Grandpa!

Leah's first outfit! Her looks are a perfect blend of Gloria and Davis!

"My Swing is my second home!"

Girl time with Gloria and Leah!

Leah was the BEST sleeper! Don't those P.J's look Cozy?

Meet big Sissy! So happy to have Sisters...best friend for life!
Hang out time with the proud new Dad!

Leah Marie...we're so happy you're here!

Zonked...must take after her mom, can sleep anywhere any time!!

7lbs 13oz and almost 22 inches of sweetness!

My baby...in my arms at last!

There we are....have we aged in the last 7 years of marriage? Na

Erin was there...yippy, and she did my nails, hair, and makeup! Thanks Sissy! So happy she was there!

Leah will know her mom...the lady with the bright nails!

Heading out to our ward "Trunk-or-Treat"

Oh, the joys of having a big sister!!

Ballet/tap class with friends! During this class they performed the "Monster Mash" while in their costumes....too cute!

Lost her first tooth on Halloween Day!

Gloria turns Six in October!! We had a Halloween costume party at our house with cousins! I put those cupcake creations together for the cakes....they were so cute!

Got to get those nails done!! Just love my BYU love Shack girls!

My BYU girls come to Houston for our yearly reunion! This was our temple trip!! (Amy, Kristen, Michele, Carrie, Becca, and Erin) "We still got it girls" I am three weeks away from delivery!!!!

Major Buzz Light Year phase! "To Infinity...and Beyond"

Chuck-E-Cheese night out with the Birthday Star!

Happy Third Birthday to Davis in September! That was a Toy Story cake that I made...Davis covered it with greet sprinkles b/c green is his favorite color!

What a big boy! First day in the three's Parrots class at Community Christian School!

Davis smiling with Dad as he prepares to go to his first day of school! This was a big day...I was a little nervous! Davis is a "Mama's Boy"...big time!