Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cranney Favs 2003-2008


This month of Oct. has been Party Central for us! Davis' family birthday party got put on hold due to Hurricane Ike so the BIG "BEAR and BALL" bash was last weekend! Grandma Gluth has a trademark on "theme parties." Davis loves bears and it was a perfect theme for the big #1 birthday. Grandma always decorates her big dining room table so beautifully that it makes the guest/s of honor feel so special and loved! When we all started singing "Happy Birthday" Davis' eyes brightened and a big smile came to his face as to say, "Wow, for me?" Davis' first year went out with a bang! He also got these totally adorable cozy P.J's! You can't help but smile when you see him :)

We decided to have a surprise party for Gloria at Chuck-E-Cheese's! I picked her up from school on her birthday, and told her that I needed to run one errand! As I pulled up to Chuck-E-Cheese's she said, "Mom, we're at Chuck-E-Cheese's!!" I said "yes, I just need to run in really fast and deliver a letter to a friend. I told her to stay in the car (NOT like I would EVER leave her in the car) while I ran in really quick, and of course she was begging to come in and play "one game." I finally broke the news that it was a SURPRISE party for her! She was so excited, and it was fun to share her special day with all her friends. Oh yes, and this pic was taken on her birthday with her "fancy Nancy" get-up! Fancy Nancy is a girl that always loves everything fancy! In addition to loving bugs, Gloria is definitely our little Fancy Nancy! (The Fancy Nancy books are super cute too)!


Tonight the kids were doing a little watering in the back yard, and that always turns into "hose baths." To change things up we lather them down with baby wash and rinse...wha-la bath time is done. Davis is one happy kid when he gets sole possession of the hose! He likes to shake the hose around like a lasso, and laughs when the water goes everywhere. After that he stomps in the puddles. He also likes to stick the whole nozzle in his mouth and choke on the water...well I don't know if he likes it, but he does it.


This year Gloria is in the "Goldfish" pre-school class at Community Christian. This is her second year there, and she LOVES it! A man in the post office asked her, "what is your favorite class at school?" Gloria replied, "P.E" and thanks to her "fast shoes" that we bought for school this year she is sure to be a star! She also likes to remind everybody that she gets to go upstairs this year with the "big kids" as opposed to last year's 3's class that was downstairs. Of course she looks forward to picking out a lollipop at the office at the end of the day...she usually picks one that matches her outfit. She is also very good at brushing her teeth!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Davis Garr Cranney's favorite things:

*Playing with mom...but really LOVES DAD BEST!
*Anything that looks like a ball
*Gerber yogurt melts and waffles
* Lollipops
* Cats
* Swimming
* Going to the park
* Playing with Gloria
* listening to music and dancing
Davis has been such a JOY to have in our family! WE LOVE YOU DAVIS

Gloria Lee Cranney's favorite things:
*Playing with family and friends
*Wearing princess dresses
*Attending pre-school and Sunbeams
*Lollipops or "a treat"
*Noodles with butter
*Singing and dancing
*Watching movies
*Reading books
*Making thank you cards
*Being "in charge"

Gloria always wants everyone to be HAPPY! She is our SHINING gem