Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Boy can say Rice!!!

Did you say what I think you said?

Tonight was an exciting night at the dinner table! Davis usually ends up eating two at about 5:00 and then another around 7:00! He must be going through a growth-spirt because he eats all the time! Tonight he had macaroni and cheese with green peas and piece of bread at 5:00 and then at around 7:00 he comes toddling into the kitchen saying, "cook." That's his way of saying that he wants something to eat. I think he says that b/c when he is waiting for his food I always say, "it's cooking"...therefore "cook" I just had made some rice in the rice-cooker, and I asked Davis if he wanted some rice. He replied, "ya ya"...aka yes! After he climbed into his seat he looked at me and said, "rice." No doubt about it people...clear as day..."rice."
"What was that...have my ears deceived me?" I thought....that sounded just like rice! Then of course I ask him, "what do you want to eat? Again he answered, "rice." That seals the deal, three times a charm! I think he was stunned b/c I start clapping and giving him hugs and kisses and saying things like, "GOOD BOY BUDDY...YOU SAID RICE." "THAT'S A GREAT JOB SAYING RICE."
A big smile came across his face like he knew he said it, and he was proud of himself! For the rest of the night I would ask him to say rice, and he would every time! Way to go Davis!!!!! Of course he got a big boy bowl of rice, and he loved every bite!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman...the class of 2009

The Fam! Davis got a balloon too, but we would have one unhappy little boy if it was released!

Gloria with the proud parents! That girl knows she's loved!

I did Gloria's hair so cute for her big day! Couldn't really see it under her graduation cap, but just had to take a pic for the record :)

We are so Proud of you!

Thank You for coming to my Graduation Grandma Gluth!

Gloria with her friend Sofia...classmates for the last two years!

There they go!

"The Balloon Release" All the graduates got to release a balloon!

Davis was cheering for Gloria ALL THE WAY!

Gloria is our Proud Graduate! Each child received their own Bible with a carnation and their diploma!

"Remember the Rapostles?" That's what Gloria would call them! The kids are singing a cute song listing all of the 12 Apostles in the Bible! Gloria was holding up Thomas

Community Christian School Graduation! (pre-K and Transitions classes) This fine group of kids includes "the Goldfish class" "the Turtles class" and "The Frog" class! Gloria was in the Goldfish class! Next year Gloria will be in the Transitions class :)

We live in a beautiful area...what a great park!

Come on...we all knew it was going to eventually turn into this...soaked head to toe! I had two naked kids strapped into their car seats on the way home! I'll spare y'all that picture :)

They love Davis' feeding style of throwing the tortillas in whole!

I think that these ducks have to be the chubbiest ducks around...they are very well fed!

Feeding the Ducks at North Shore Park!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Having a Springy time in May!

A Mother's Day Squeeze

The Best I could do to get a picture with Davis...but this does capture the "real Davis" He is tough to catch these days, and when caught, he can be harder to hold than a fish out of water! I love being your Mom Davis...thanks for being such a great kid!

My Mom and me....thanks for everything Mom! Funny how many things we do like our moms!

Me And Gloria doing our bedtime, prayer, snuggles (our favorite time of the day)

Gloria's Mother's Day craft she made at school! It says I love to "snuggle" with Mom! Awww, Thanks Gloria :) I asked her to hold it so I could get pic...thanks for humoring your mom

This is Davis after eating his "pop" I took the picture right when he was saying, "more" Sorry Davis I think you just ate the last THREE!

Gloria and Davis were sticking their fingers in their noses during bath time yesterday. I wish I had their life!

BEST time of the time with DAD! I know that Davis is greatful that he is being held and not bounced off the trampoline as usual :)

A Classic Davis look! His favorite thing to do is play in the front yard flower-beds and throw rocks. Beware of the mosquitoes though...if bitten poor little guy's bites SWELL up big time!

Dr. Dad fixing a few battle wounds!

Gloria will sometimes ask Danny and I to leave her room while she says her prayer all by herself like a big girl. Well, I guess she says, "watch me at the door." It wouldn't be Gloria if she didn't have an audience!

Jumping in the rain!

Aren't I still so CUTE...even when I'm feeling a little blue? These kinds of pictures can only be a result of a picture crazy mother!

Playing bubbles is always fun!

Gloria wanted to grow her hair LONG, but she decided to cut it....Looks really ADORABLE! Her cousin Elise cut it...Thanks Leesie!

This is our "art studio" We love to paint, draw, make "Valentines" and "thank you cards" There is always a work in progress on the table. Oh yeah, and see Gloria whistling? She taught herself how to whistle, and now she NEVER stops!