Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Fun in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

We recently spent 9 days in Fayetteville, Arkansas (Northwest Arkansas)! Our baby nephew, Grady, was receiving his baby blessing at church, so we were glad we were able to make the nine hour drive to be a part of the special weekend!

Love fall!

These fall leaves at Wilson Park in Fayetteville, AR were so pretty! A newspaper guy took some pics of the kids playing in the leaves, and they were in the weekend!

Davis and his cousin Ryan (5 mo. apart)!! They are two peas-in-a-pod...sometimes little trouble-makers :)

Waiting for the horses on the other side of the fence to chomp on their carrots!

Where's the crayons...oh there they are!

This is the very first original Wal-Mart in down town Bentonville! Now it's a little museum...Thank you Sam Walton, I love my Wal-Mart!

All geared up for some swim time!

Me and Ryan flying down the slide at "The Jump Zone!" This slide was seriously fast!

Such a great little babysitter!

Gloria and Davis with their new baby cousin, Grady! Sooo sweet

Here we are at "Devil's Den!" It's a literal deep dark cave...with bats and everything! The kids thought it was pretty cool...until our flashlight went out. Danny is sporting his Razorback spirit...GO HOGS!

We loved our hike!

Gloria and her cousin, Ryan taking a little a little breather!

Our hike in the Ozarks to Devil's Den! It was so beautiful up there, and GREAT weather!

Gloria with her class pet "Hoppy!" She even made him a Halloween costume with two spider rings and a braclet!

Good-ol Halloween fun with pumpkin guts!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Me next to our array of light jack-o-lanterns! Our door was open for business :)

Our little Snow White and lion anxious for trick-or-treating!

I'm afraid this is going to be the closest we get to a curly-haired child in our family! That mane was so cute!

Snow White was very gracious with her goodies!

My attempt to get some cute shots of the kiddos before church...well, they're cute

standing on my dining room table...he is one sneaky little fox!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Of course big sister is trying to hitch a ride on Davis' horse! "Saddle up partner"

Davis chose to ride the horse! You can't tell but this little area is "removed" from the big play area in the mall where most all the kids play. Davis and I are usually over here b/c he rather climb in and out of these machines than stay at the play area! Hey, great for me...easier for me to stay on his trail and protect other children from Davis' "dinosaur blows" BUT...what an adorable dino he is!!

Yes, we actually put 75 cents into that was quite a wild ride! Whoever is running these little machines has to be making a killing!!

Our Gloria....already driving!

Five gals with three babies turned a few heads chill'in late night at this place near the University :) We got to enjoy three newborns at our reunion this fun!!

BYU Luv-shack strikes back in Fayetteville Arkansas :) Every year I get to spend on awesome weekend with my best college girlfriends shopping, peticuring, eating lots of goodies, and staying up till the wee hours of the morning visiting!! Best of all....Dad's take care of the kiddos for the weekend!! (one of our gals actually couldn't make it this hoo) We've done the math and among the six of us there's 12 kids...and counting!! Way to go super moms!!

So Great spending time with my Twinsta Erin!!! This was at a charming little place called "Common Grounds" right next to the Univeristy of Arkansas campus!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Although no pumpkin carving, or playing in piles of leaves we are feeling a bit "fallish" Yes...even here in Houston Texas!! After taking Gloria to school this morning, Davis and I went to the park. It must of been somewhere in the high 60's (which is considered cool for this time of year) and I actually wore a little coat!! I have to admit that I am one of those Texans that get cold if it's below 70 degrees and the wind is blowing! I think I'm going to have to pull out all of my fall decorations tomorrow! I'm such a sucker for the holidays...I already took the kids to get Halloween costumes too :) Gloria wanted to be Snow White this year! I think those Snow White slippers tipped her off at the last min. because for months she's wanted to dress up like "Master Tigress" from Kung Fu Panda! Davis will be "in character" as a lion...he's got the ROAR down to a science! I am yet to really dress up for Halloween since I've been married! I know....boring! I tried to get Danny to wear a Dracula cape our first Halloween that Gloria could toddle around (ya know just to be festive) and he totally shot it down!! Maybe if I think of something really good and not just some lame cape!
So, we are looking forward to a fun Fall! Our lastest happening has been Davis' 2nd birthday. We celebrated with a dinosaur party....he is such an awesome boy!! I also got to spend a week in Arkansas with Erin as she and Jared welcomed their second baby boy into their family, Grady Michael Spencer! Danny is doing great too...he "painfully" had to spend two weeks this month in Panama on a tropical island for work! We are looking forward to celebrating Gloria's 5th birthday in just a couple of weeks...I can't believe it!
Now, lets all go out and get some pumpkins!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Adventures!

Every summer for the last five years we have been fortunate enough to spend about a month in Provo UT visiting Danny's family! I think this year goes down in history as the most fun-packed summer yet! We've enjoyed so many wonderful memories with family and friends in Provo, Logan, Park City, Yellowstone, and Bear Lake! Here are a few fun pix:
Davis' face as he steps into the cold water at Bridal Veil Falls...thank goodness for that waterproof cast!

Good-ol Bridal Veil! Such Good times
Danny and I chill'in outside the testing center (where I used to work) at BYU!
Two future cougars! It was so fun to walk around campus again...looks great.

Our trip to Yellowstone. We got to stay with some friends in a cabin on Island Park Res! Nothing like s'more and a Danny Cranney rock show! Well, not really a rock show just playing around
Gloria and the girls didn't seem to mind the cold water

Danny and Davis at "Old Faithful"
I thought this was such a cute pic

Of course we stopped by the candy shop on the way home!
Davis, Danny, and Gloria all suited up on the water-tramp
Us visiting the "hot pots" at Yellowstone
Gloria loves the movie Kung Fu Panda! Here is "Master Tigress"

Me and Gloria at our annual trip to the Bean Museum at BYU

There we all are...amazing we are all looking at the camera!
Oh my goodness...he is so adorable!

Alpine Slide time

Me and Davis...up we go!

Here we are at the Westgate Resort in Park City

Davis loves to play ball!

Danny and the kids had a great time...well Gloria did!

Running through puddles in Logan. I love when kids can just do fun kid stuff!
I just love all of Gloria's creative outfits that she picks cute!

Gloria gets to participate at "the River" (a camp in down town Houston for kids with disabilities) every summer! It is a wonderful experience for her, and she makes lots of amazing friends! These were two awesome volunteers!

The BIG show at the end of their week at camp! So adorable

Happy Father's Day Danny!

Davis Loves reading time before bedtime! In June Davis Broke his foot!!! He had the cutest little cast on for a whole month. He is as good as new now!