Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Fun in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

We recently spent 9 days in Fayetteville, Arkansas (Northwest Arkansas)! Our baby nephew, Grady, was receiving his baby blessing at church, so we were glad we were able to make the nine hour drive to be a part of the special weekend!

Love fall!

These fall leaves at Wilson Park in Fayetteville, AR were so pretty! A newspaper guy took some pics of the kids playing in the leaves, and they were in the weekend!

Davis and his cousin Ryan (5 mo. apart)!! They are two peas-in-a-pod...sometimes little trouble-makers :)

Waiting for the horses on the other side of the fence to chomp on their carrots!

Where's the crayons...oh there they are!

This is the very first original Wal-Mart in down town Bentonville! Now it's a little museum...Thank you Sam Walton, I love my Wal-Mart!

All geared up for some swim time!

Me and Ryan flying down the slide at "The Jump Zone!" This slide was seriously fast!

Such a great little babysitter!

Gloria and Davis with their new baby cousin, Grady! Sooo sweet

Here we are at "Devil's Den!" It's a literal deep dark cave...with bats and everything! The kids thought it was pretty cool...until our flashlight went out. Danny is sporting his Razorback spirit...GO HOGS!

We loved our hike!

Gloria and her cousin, Ryan taking a little a little breather!

Our hike in the Ozarks to Devil's Den! It was so beautiful up there, and GREAT weather!

Gloria with her class pet "Hoppy!" She even made him a Halloween costume with two spider rings and a braclet!

Good-ol Halloween fun with pumpkin guts!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Me next to our array of light jack-o-lanterns! Our door was open for business :)

Our little Snow White and lion anxious for trick-or-treating!

I'm afraid this is going to be the closest we get to a curly-haired child in our family! That mane was so cute!

Snow White was very gracious with her goodies!

My attempt to get some cute shots of the kiddos before church...well, they're cute

standing on my dining room table...he is one sneaky little fox!