Friday, October 30, 2009

Of course big sister is trying to hitch a ride on Davis' horse! "Saddle up partner"

Davis chose to ride the horse! You can't tell but this little area is "removed" from the big play area in the mall where most all the kids play. Davis and I are usually over here b/c he rather climb in and out of these machines than stay at the play area! Hey, great for me...easier for me to stay on his trail and protect other children from Davis' "dinosaur blows" BUT...what an adorable dino he is!!

Yes, we actually put 75 cents into that was quite a wild ride! Whoever is running these little machines has to be making a killing!!

Our Gloria....already driving!

Five gals with three babies turned a few heads chill'in late night at this place near the University :) We got to enjoy three newborns at our reunion this fun!!

BYU Luv-shack strikes back in Fayetteville Arkansas :) Every year I get to spend on awesome weekend with my best college girlfriends shopping, peticuring, eating lots of goodies, and staying up till the wee hours of the morning visiting!! Best of all....Dad's take care of the kiddos for the weekend!! (one of our gals actually couldn't make it this hoo) We've done the math and among the six of us there's 12 kids...and counting!! Way to go super moms!!

So Great spending time with my Twinsta Erin!!! This was at a charming little place called "Common Grounds" right next to the Univeristy of Arkansas campus!!