Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman...the class of 2009

The Fam! Davis got a balloon too, but we would have one unhappy little boy if it was released!

Gloria with the proud parents! That girl knows she's loved!

I did Gloria's hair so cute for her big day! Couldn't really see it under her graduation cap, but just had to take a pic for the record :)

We are so Proud of you!

Thank You for coming to my Graduation Grandma Gluth!

Gloria with her friend Sofia...classmates for the last two years!

There they go!

"The Balloon Release" All the graduates got to release a balloon!

Davis was cheering for Gloria ALL THE WAY!

Gloria is our Proud Graduate! Each child received their own Bible with a carnation and their diploma!

"Remember the Rapostles?" That's what Gloria would call them! The kids are singing a cute song listing all of the 12 Apostles in the Bible! Gloria was holding up Thomas

Community Christian School Graduation! (pre-K and Transitions classes) This fine group of kids includes "the Goldfish class" "the Turtles class" and "The Frog" class! Gloria was in the Goldfish class! Next year Gloria will be in the Transitions class :)

We live in a beautiful area...what a great park!

Come on...we all knew it was going to eventually turn into this...soaked head to toe! I had two naked kids strapped into their car seats on the way home! I'll spare y'all that picture :)

They love Davis' feeding style of throwing the tortillas in whole!

I think that these ducks have to be the chubbiest ducks around...they are very well fed!

Feeding the Ducks at North Shore Park!


Katy Schepis Edmondson said...

Wow...She is so grown up. We sure do miss you guys. Congrats Gloria

The Amado's est 1996 said...

Congratulations, Gloria!