Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Boy can say Rice!!!

Did you say what I think you said?

Tonight was an exciting night at the dinner table! Davis usually ends up eating two at about 5:00 and then another around 7:00! He must be going through a growth-spirt because he eats all the time! Tonight he had macaroni and cheese with green peas and piece of bread at 5:00 and then at around 7:00 he comes toddling into the kitchen saying, "cook." That's his way of saying that he wants something to eat. I think he says that b/c when he is waiting for his food I always say, "it's cooking"...therefore "cook" I just had made some rice in the rice-cooker, and I asked Davis if he wanted some rice. He replied, "ya ya"...aka yes! After he climbed into his seat he looked at me and said, "rice." No doubt about it people...clear as day..."rice."
"What was that...have my ears deceived me?" I thought....that sounded just like rice! Then of course I ask him, "what do you want to eat? Again he answered, "rice." That seals the deal, three times a charm! I think he was stunned b/c I start clapping and giving him hugs and kisses and saying things like, "GOOD BOY BUDDY...YOU SAID RICE." "THAT'S A GREAT JOB SAYING RICE."
A big smile came across his face like he knew he said it, and he was proud of himself! For the rest of the night I would ask him to say rice, and he would every time! Way to go Davis!!!!! Of course he got a big boy bowl of rice, and he loved every bite!


Amy Jo:) said...

Hey! I LOVE all your updates! Gloria looks so pretty at her graduation - so grown up!!! And Davis saying RICE! WOW! He is growing too fast!

The Amado's est 1996 said...

Good job, Davis! Kristen, we have to get together and eat rice :)

Katy Schepis Edmondson said...

Good job Dave. He sure is growing up. We miss ya.