Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Party Time!

When the month of August rolls around....The Cranney family gets into Party mode! Danny's birthday is in August, Davis' in September, Gloria's in October, Leah's in November, and we top the year off with Kristen's December birthday! Here are some fun pix of each of the birthday Celebrations in 2011...It's Party Time!

Leah opening one of her birthday gifts at our family birthday party over Thanksgiving Break! Thank You Grandma and Grandpa Gluth for always making us feel so special!

Happy 32nd Birthday to was a great year! Just loving the Gingerbread Theme Mom :)

Got to Celebrate with JoAnn and Peyton!

Me and my girls at the party! I Couldn't ask for a better Birthday!

So Glad that my brother Alan and family were able to spend Thanksgiving with us!
Family Birthday Party....Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Leah Marie!

We are so blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful family!

Leah dug right into her cake!!!

It made a Texas Size mess....this is her reaction when I started cleaning up the cake!

Elizabeth and Gloria....what amazing girls they are!

Aunt Alaine, Kristen, and Mom!

What a cute Cake for Leah's 1st Birthday....Thank You Margo!

Happy 7th Birthday to Gloria!!

Gloria wanted to have her Birthday at Sweet and they went full Glitz! We love you Gloria!

I got Davis a Spiderman costume so he could dress up too :)

After the "Night on the Red Carpet" the girls and some of us moms took a stroll around town in the hot pink Limo!

All of the girls got their own awards for being AWESOME!!

Yes, those are hair extensions!

All of the girls getting make-overs!

Love you Grandma and Grandpa!

This Hot Wheels track is really fun....Danny loves it too!

Gloria and Libby....swim buddies!

New Red Schwinn for Davis' 4th Birthday!!

Leah had fun too!

So Cute! He loves running around the house in his Batman cape!

Davis loves opening his presents!

Davis blowing out the batman cupcakes I made! Best wishes for another awesome year!!

We had a swim party for Davis 4th Birthday! It was a real Splash, ha ha!

One of Davis' best buds, Neal, brought him a birthday cookie!

Super Heroes+Davis=Happy Birthday Boy!

Grandma made his favorite cupcakes....strawberry! Make a wish!

Davis Taking a Whack at his T-Rex pinata! Happy 4th Birthday!

Oh, there's that precious Leah celebrating! She is SO SWEET!!!

Danny's 35th Birthday Bash with the fam and the Elders! I made a dee-lish Brisket, and this cake!

Gloria's First Day of 1st Grade!! She road her scooter, but then quickly switched to riding her bike everyday! She LOVES school!

Davis' First Day of Pre-K at C.C.S! Gonna be a GREAT Year!

Happy 35th Birthday to "Big D" and Happy 4th Birthday for "Little D" Enjoying another family Celebration at G&G Gluth's House!

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