Saturday, April 25, 2009

Me Talking to Erin on the phone telling her that I just cut my hair...I finally got the courage :)
Chopped's all gone...whacked it...snip snip snip...a little change never hurt anyone! I actually LOVE the change!
Gloria is celebrating with cousin Amy! Thanks Grandma for all of the fun memories!
This is a familiar seen when we celebrate family birthdays or holidays! "The cousins" have a ball together....where would we be without family?


Lewis Family said...

You guys are all very cute, and I should not be surprised, but your hair looks GREAT! Not too many people can pull it off short, and you are just cute! Now maybe I can tell you two apart... I promise I can do it when we see you regularly, but now it'll be so much easier. You have to tell Erin she can't cut hers now though!

TeamCranney said...

too Late...Erin cut her hair just like mine!! We are bound and determined to keep people guessing! She is about 5 mo. pregnant with her 2nd baby I hope you would be able to tell us apart :)