Friday, October 3, 2008


Davis Garr Cranney's favorite things:

*Playing with mom...but really LOVES DAD BEST!
*Anything that looks like a ball
*Gerber yogurt melts and waffles
* Lollipops
* Cats
* Swimming
* Going to the park
* Playing with Gloria
* listening to music and dancing
Davis has been such a JOY to have in our family! WE LOVE YOU DAVIS

Gloria Lee Cranney's favorite things:
*Playing with family and friends
*Wearing princess dresses
*Attending pre-school and Sunbeams
*Lollipops or "a treat"
*Noodles with butter
*Singing and dancing
*Watching movies
*Reading books
*Making thank you cards
*Being "in charge"

Gloria always wants everyone to be HAPPY! She is our SHINING gem

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Anonymous said...

I love that one of her favorites is noodles with butter. Ava could eat that three meals a day if we let her! Your blog looks AWESOME! Way to go!